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July 15, 2020!!


Register for the upcoming dance season.  Click on registration link about for more information.

August Masterclasses every

Tuesday & Thursday!

Important Upcoming Dates

July 15 - Last day for FREE Registration
July 22-24 & July 27-29 - Sparkler Intensives
August 4 - Masterclass Modern w/ Jess Burgess
August 6 - Masterclass Ballet w/ Rachel Seeholzer
August 7 - Shimmer Auditions
August 11 - Masterclass Modern w/ Shannon Comerford
August 13 - Masterclass Hip Hop w/ Sean Crutchfield
August 15- Scholarship Applications Due
August 18 - Masterclass Contemporary w/ Rachel Seeholzer
August 20 - Masterclass w/ Rodney Williams
August 25 - Masterclass Jazz w/ Sean Crutchfield
August 27 - Masterclass Contemporary w/ Shannon Comerford

Monthly Newsletter

There are 2 scholarships available for the 2020-2021 Dance Season.  The JBB Scholarship for $500 and the iHeartdance Scholarship for $250.  Please email the studio to recieve an application.  Applications are due by August 15th by 10pm.  Late applications will not be accepted.  Only students registered for the upcoming dance season will be elegible for these scholarships.  

Scholarship Information