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Why choose Studio E & M?

  • Physical Benefits: Increase flexibility, endurance, strength, muscle tone; improve posture, balance, coordination.  The balance, coordination, and flexibility will be greatly beneficial to any sports they decide to play later in childhood.

  • Social Benefits: Improve social communication skills, develop a sense of trust and cooperation; learn how to work as part of a team; teaches poise and self-confidence in front of an audience; increases self-esteem.

  • Educational Benefits: Dancing requires practice, discipline and focus which are all skills that can be useful in other areas of life; students who regularly participate in dance typically perform better academically than those who don't.

Dancing teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle at a young age and most importantly DANCE IS FUN!!!

  • Small Class sizes - Each student that attends classes receives individual attention.

  • Quality dance instruction - Studio E & M dancers regularly receive high praise from guest teachers and judges at competitions for their technique.  

  • Family atmosphere - the older dancers interact with the younger ones.

  • At Studio E & M, our goal is to inspire young dancers to always reach for the stars.

  • Studio E & M dancers gain a sense of discipline, perseverance and a drive to succeed. 

  • Studio E & M dancers receive exceptional exposure to the arts and the ability to express themselves through movement.

  • Studio E & M Alumni have been accepted into dance programs or dance teams at Radford, East Carolina University, Christopher Newport, Longwood, University of Virginia and Sweet Briar College.

  • Current Studio E & M students have been accepted into summer programs at: ABT, Joffrey, Ballet Met, Nutmeg, The Rock, Leon Dance Arts, Gelsey Kirkland, Rockettes and PowerPak

Why Dance?

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