What is a Sparkler?

    The Webster's definition of a Sparkler is to shine brightly with flashes of light and to be vivacious and witty.   Energy and Motion's definition is almost the same.  A Sparkler Dance Team member is one who is regarded with the highest achievement award and is composed of students who excel in their craft and know what hard work is all about.
    These students attend summer intensive classes where they take master classes and learn up to 6 different genres of dance.  They are auditioned at the end of the intensives to become a member of the team.  Once a member, they must be enrolled in at least three technique classes, one of which MUST be ballet, and have a two to four hour rehearsal once a week. 

How to Become  Sparkler Team Member?

2020/21 Sparklers Team Audition Information:


  • Sparklers Performing Team Intensives are held in May for two weeks every day from  4:00pm until 6:30pm.  Dancers must attend both weeks. Auditions will take place on the last day of the two week intensives.

  • There is a $350 non-refundable fee to attend the intensives.

  • Registration Deadline is May 10th.  Half of the fee is due at registration with the remaining half due by July 1st.

  • You can attend the intensives without auditioning for the dance team.

  • The link below has information about the dance team, requirements, intensives, fees and obligations.